Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Swim Suit

Ah, black is slimming. But, can it help in a maternity swim suit? Oh yeah!

This was my first swim suit project. I'm just happy that it is wearable and it seems to fit! The pattern was great, simple directions and good pictures. Check out the pattern picture here. The pattern is for a one piece suit. I felt that two pieces would suit a pregnant body better. I added about 3" to the length of the body plus a little extra in the front and center. I made a size M and added just a little extra (maybe 1") to the sides.

Here I am at 18 weeks! I have plenty of room for more belly since the due date is July. I get the feeling that we'll go to the pool often this summer.

The back on this suit is cut too low for my taste. My shoulders tend to roll forward, so these straps could fall off if I'm not careful about posture. I might add a little cross strap in the back if it seems too risky. Would it look strange?

For the bottoms, I used a different Kwik Sew pattern, 3636. I didn't line them, hopefully they won't show through when I get them wet.

Here's the suit on a flat surface. The front is a cut a bit low, which isn't a problem for me since I'm not busty. I still might add a bit more fabric and close it up 2 more inches. Only the front is lined, not the back. This should be fine since the fabric is black.


  1. Brenna, that suit is great! I'm the same way about backs - I could never wear suits cut low...the straps always slipped down.

  2. Were the bottoms see through after all?