Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simplicty 2977

I really have been sewing lately. I am very very behind with what I have been upto in my little room here. A few weeks ago, I spent a few very pleasurable hours making up this dress from Simplicity 2977.
I wasn't sure that the cut of the dress would suit my very pear-shaped figure. I was right! Since I am tall, I made a belt to cut my figure in half. This seemed to help the overall impression of the dress' silhouette. You can see from the back view that it would be a lot of fabric without a break...hence the belt. I am pleased with the came from, where I buy entirely too much fabric as it is. I think it is a rayon poly blend. It is very drapey and swirly, great for this dress. I am considering making another version of this dress in a reddish or black and white colorway.

Up next...the pants that tried to kill me!


  1. Nice job with the belt - it looks great!

  2. I'm picturing how the pants tried to kill you... i have funny ideas about that!